Thursday, 19 February, 2009

Green Haven

In a city deprived of greenery, this comes as a refreshing change. Finally going for the BAF awards at Hotel Renaissance, Powai paid off. This is overlooking the lawns and at the other edge of the vihar lake lies Hiranandani gardens.


Himanshu said...

nice :) It can be passed off as any other city but Mumbai :P

Nikki said...

@ Himanshu


R. Ramesh said...

himanshuuu hi...i travelled by a rick from borivli to mulund check naka during my May visit..and thru much i miss mumbai.thanks for the great come over to Hi
Please come over to
(new address)

Himanshu said...

Thanks Ramesh :) Updated my Faves to ur new URL. This pic was taken by Nikki :) I have also been to mulund check naka...but don't remember from where :P

humanobserver said...

Good to see some green shots in Mumbai. :)